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Swingbyte was one of the 12 Coolest Items At the PGA. show Swingbyte is just perfect for golfers of all levels - John Waston - England Coach The most affordable and impressive device I’ve tested this year - Craig Better  What the people say: Thanks to swingbyte, I worked out I wasn't staying behind the ball at impact which is why I was slicing my drives and had too much shaft lean. Made the adjustment yesterday and started hitting it straight again. I hit 13 out of 15 fairways and played to scratch for the first time ever!! - Stephen, UK It is the best visual aid that I ever owned. It's really improved my tempo  and swing speed. - Ron I've only had my Swingbyte for a week now, but I absolutely love it! It is everything that it was made out to be. I really see this as a great tool in smoothing out and grooving a more consistent swing... Thank you again for coming out with an affordable, fun and reliable product that finally takes advantage of today's technology. - Chuck